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  What People Say...

Many clients are referred to us by another satisfied client. Recommendations have allowed us to build a business family unique in terms of character, responsibility, and awareness.  Here is a sampling of what others say about what we do...



wanted you to know how much we appreciated your help with our son.  He raised his ACT score significantly!  He then was able to apply to seven Texas Universities.  He was accepted to all seven!  We were so excited for him!  Success!  THANKS to you!                             -Christy Boykin-                            


want to recommend Pat Whitehouse for your ACT prep needs.  My son wanted to raise his ACT score 3 points in order to apply for an Honors progran at Texas A&M.  He had five prep sessions with Pat and increased his score 4 points.   Not only did he meet his goal, he exceeded it thanks to Pat.  She did an awesome job preparing him for the ACT.  She is kind and a joy to work with.                             -Shannon Grona-


I thought about you yesterday, Mrs. Whitehouse, with such gratitude.  William has been accepted into several esteemed universities and programs.  You, Mrs. Whitehouse, have been instrumental in William reaching his potential and his goals.  You have had two of my children and both raised their ACT's by 3 points!  Thanks!                                                               -Kelly Sotelo-



T hank you so much for investing so much time and effort in helping me improve my SAT score.  Thank you for opening up your house each Wednesday night.  My score increased by 100 points, and I could not have done it without your help.  During the actual test, I could hear your voice in my head reminding me how to solve certain problems.  Thank you again.                  - Haley H.-




Hunter felt well prepared for the SAT and knew what to expect when test day came.  Understanding the timing of the test and how to manage his time during the test was really important as well.  And he raised his score by 120 points from the PSAT in the Reading and Math sections.  Mrs. Fullen's course was a good experience.                                           - Christina W. -



Six hours spent with Mrs. Whitehouse led to an amazing increase in my daughter's score.  This was acheieved with out any additional preparatory work.  That's beyond remarkable!  She gets amazing results!                             -Sally B.-





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